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If you’re looking for the best of the best, SEI Club is perfect for you. – Charlie Coyle NHL Hockey Player, Boston. Click here for video review.

If you’re looking to meet your perfect lover, partner, and friend…SEI Club might be exactly what you need… -NFL Quarterback, Drew Bledsoe

If you’re looking to meet someone special, SEI Club could be JUST what you’re looking for. -Bachelor star, Peter Weber Click here for video review.
For all you singles out there, you should definitely check out SEI Club! – Jesse Metcalfe, American Actor. Click here for video review.

It went great with R..  Definitely felt like we had some chemistry.  Let’s talk Monday  -J.D.
I chatted and laughed with G. yesterday! Nice guy and I enjoyed meeting him…I will follow his lead with getting to know each other….  M.
S. and I had a wonderful dinner and met up again the next day (poolside) as well.
She is super cute, outgoing, personable and kind/considerate.  -B.
Very enjoyable time. Lots in common – we talked up a storm.  -G.
Both girls are marvelous in their own way…Things went well with M…Dinner was good, T. is drop dead gorgeous…Great time talking & eating…Nice job as always.  G.V.
How fabulous you are….:)

You are certainly holding true to your end of the bargain in looking after your “favorite” client. I’m so grateful. 

A. appears lovely and her profile is equally endearing. The fact that you are sourcing and selecting candidates in Toronto is so convenient and appreciated. 

I would love to meet A! Please confirm suggested next steps. 

You are loved and cherished for being attentive to me and my pursuit of a perfect mate. Thank you for keeping me top of mind.  -C.W.
We met at the High Line on a drizzly Saturday afternoon, we then went to the Whitney Museum to see an exhibit A. had been told was quite good. While I don’t pretend to be an art “expert”, I pride myself on knowing more than the “average Joe”. We had great, stimulating conversation throughout the exhibit.

We then went to Morimoto for dinner. The sommelier there liked us quite a bit and took really good care of us. We enjoyed chatting about the wines he was pairing for our 9 course meal.

After a long and delightful dinner we then walked from the Meatpacking District all the way to Central Park (A. in 3 inch plus heels without a peep-that’s talent!)

She allowed me to taxi her home to make sure she was safe (and it was after 2 AM by that point as well)
 As the next day was Mother’s Day (yesterday) I took a card by her place, but otherwise wanted her to enjoy her 2 boys. We will definitely make plans to see each other again soon.

Thank you for the introduction. -B.C.
I liked him. Great guy. I would see him again.  –R.M.
I would highly recommend SEI matchmaking services for all of those who are looking to find a great match. Professional, personalized, effective and efficient, SEI is committed to providing absolute excellence and impeccable matchmaking service to its members. SEI personnel makes it their task to really get to know each and every member’s interests and personality so that they can tailor their search to the exact member’s needs. I only met the best quality men through SEI matchmaking services and cannot praise enough their methods and quality of candidates. – Iva
Thanks’ we got married :))  -O.A.
Hi — again great job with matching me with D. 
I received a call from T. He’s very friendly and laid back. We had two calls so far. We’ll see where things go. If you know of any additional  sophisticated gentlemen, please let me know. 
Thanks! And just to be clear – I am more than pleased with my experience with SEI Club!! -J.
He is an excellent conversationalist. Being well read makes him interesting to talk to. And while like me he is very intellectual he is also very in touch with his emotions which is an important, one could say promising combination. I would also say he is very active and fit (we went kayaking and had planned to go cycling) and that suits me as well because I enjoy being very active. Finally, I would say he has a very positive outlook on life and that is a very wonderful quality that I value a great deal. This quality made dates with him very enjoyable – he is filled with enthusiasm and complements. – G
My dates with T. over the weekend were terrific. He was a total gentleman. He’s cultured, refined and elegant. I had a wonderful time. I was very impressed with him….He thanked me for coming and said I was witty and pleasant….He’s a very interesting person! Thank you again for everything you do.  – IG
S. is great,! She seems grounded, in tune with her life and her role as a mother. She is active, smart, grounded, creative- I could go on -R
I liked A. for many reasons, we had a lot in common and like many of the same places and things. He was very easy to have a conversation with and seemed very personable and genuine. -N.
C. seems like a very special woman! Intelligent, creative, caring, self-aware, and beautiful! My impression of her progressed steadily over the course of our date. She’s fabulous. -K.
SEI Club is a Private Members Club. Catering to the most financially, intellectually, and professionally elite social circles in the entire world, SEI Club is the elite matchmaking / dating venue and private club for those accustomed to excellence. 
We act for a select group of educated, refined and successful international clients who give their best in all they do and who, in return, only wish to receive the best; Catering to clients who will not compromise in any area of their life.
Below please find some exceptional, global, fine dining, luxury travel, and spa recommendations to enjoy with your perfect partner. You are certain to relish the moments spent at these venues with someone equally inspiring. May you always have everything good that your heart desires.

Visit This Culinary Superstar

There is a saying, normally used to describe the effective simplicity of a piece of music, that “less is more.” But it is a saying that is relevant to so many other aspects of culture and creativity and it is certainly true of what is proving to be the current, most sought after culinary destination. Take a two hour drive out of Cape Town, South Africa, head along the coast and you will come to the sleepy seaside village of Paternoster and what might seem like the most unlikely destination for the hottest new restaurant in the social diary. It might not have glitz and the glamour but it does have Wolfgat.
South Africa isn’t exactly unrepresented on the fine food map but Kobus van der Merwe and his small kitchen team’s unique selling point here is a celebration of the country’s hyper-local food movement with his veldkos based menu, a term that means “field food” in the Afrikaans language and refers to produce gathered in the wild. And having picked up the accolade of Restaurant of the Year at the first World Restaurant Awards in February, shows that it is a style proving to be very popular.

“I cook intuitively with what inspires me from my surroundings: the landscape, the weather, the seasonal transformation,” says van der Merwe, and as those inspirations change, he tailors his elegant seven-course menu to match natures moods. Along with fresh local fish, mussels, and oysters cultivated in the nearby Saldanha Bay, he forages for ingredients found along the rugged Atlantic coastline and in doing so arms himself with ingredients that you just won’t find anywhere else. “The landscape has a dramatic transformation from semi-desert in summer to a lush green edible carpet in winter,” and it is this diversity and close attention to gathering the ingredients directly from local sources that makes Wolfgat a unique dining experience.

Continuing in the “less is more” theme, the restaurant is only open two nights a week for dinner and five days for lunch. Diners can choose to eat either surrounded by the snug cottage atmosphere and low hanging beams of the building itself or opt for the outdoor patio that offers gorgeous views of the simmering ocean.

The menus offers delicate delights such as rooibos-smoked angelfish and dune spinach and a meticulous attention to detail means that even the humble breadstick is served with bokkom butter, a regional delicacy made with salted, dried Cape horse mackerel. To complete this exotic package, biodynamic wines are sourced from nearby vineyards. The soundtrack to your meal is likely to be something soothing, Sufjan Stevens perhaps or the natural sound of the waves.
…And behind it all is a small and dedicated team serving dishes made from selections from natures own garden such as klipkombers, a seaweed similar to Japanese nori, and tjokka, Cape Hope squid not unlike calamari. You may not always be able to pronounce the names of your food, but your taste buds are guaranteed to remember such a culinary adventure forever.

The Kind of Safari You’ve Only Dreamed About…Until Now

When it comes to safari, if you’re willing to go a step further and do something amazing like gorilla trekking, then Rwanda is your top choice. Thankfully, there is now a safari lodge that will ensure that you enjoy the best of the wilderness in world-class comfort. 
The Magashi Camp was built to provide an absolutely lavish oasis in the middle of the wilderness. The operators are Wilderness Safaris, the same company that brought Bisate Lodge, which is also dazzling. Magashi Camp is made up of six huge tents that offer a nice view of Lake Rwanyakazinga. The communal area is a perfect mix of a welcoming lounge, a dining area, swimming pool, a beautiful deck for viewing the amazing landscape, complete with a fire pit for hanging out with friends and family in the evening. One of the most impressive things you would quickly notice about the camp is the intricate and culturally representative artifacts from Rwanda all around the camp.
While Magashi Camp is meant to cater to all your luxury needs, it doesn’t neglect the primary objective of your visit. Even from your cozy camp, you can see lions, leopards and other exotic wildlife pass by. This is possible because of thegenius idea to make the new camp totally running on solar power and devoid of single-use plastic products. This means that it blends into the environment and protects it completely. You can even find the elusive black rhinoceros in the area.
Guests of the Magashi Camp can expect to go on expertly guided game drives, safari walks and boat rides to see the hippos and crocodiles. There’s also a wide variety of bird species to spot. With amazing views of the Lake Rwanyakazinga, you can expect to enjoy a truly luxurious sanctuary. There’s simply no other camp that can offer the diverse adventures and options that Magashi Camp brings. 
To enjoy the best of Magashi Camp, plan for a two to three night stay so that you have plenty of time to see all of Akagera and the wide assortment of safari activities that the Camp offers. The Camp offers an idyllic cultural travel experience that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Everything in the Camp is painstakingly planned to ensure that guests have the best of everything that there is to offer. The Camp is also full board and caters to your needs from morning till night. All the main camp areas are raised so it’s clean, cozy and comfortable. The rooms are exquisitely furnished with a mix of both local artifacts and the best of modern amenities. The outdoor viewing deck and lounge is also a great place to catch up with the family if you don’t want to dive into the cool swimming pool.
Don’t forget to check the Camp guide to see what the best times to visit are. It is indeed a most indulgent escape.

An Exciting New Way To Enjoy Contemporary Art

The Peninsula Hotel Group has made its reputation by providing luxury accommodation and comfort at a level which goes beyond mere hospitality and has turned visiting their establishments into an art-form. And if that might have sounded like a well-worn cliche, then that is certainly no longer the case as they are able to justify such a description via their Art in Resonance program, which now sees commissioned works of mid-career contemporary artists gracing the walls of their Hong Kong location. 
As an official partner of Art Basel Hong Kong project, The Peninsula has become the backdrop for new works by exciting and cutting edge creatives whose art is being displayed in the hallways and lobbies of this highly respected building.
Three artists and an architectural collective mark this initial venue into the art world. Janet Echelman is an “experimental sculptor” whose larger than life creations respond to the various elements of the natural world such as light and wind. Chilean sculptor Iván Navarro creates his pieces using neon and incandescent lights. Timothy Paul Myers is an Australian who works with found objects such as textiles from flea markets and thrift stores to produce pieces best described as up-cycled. MINAX are the Chinese architecture collective who complete this first artistic gathering.
Each has been invited to participate in this recently launched project that will travel around the group’s various hotel properties for a number of years to come, which are based on a general concept of “rooted in the physical world” but that also, according to its curators, contain more transient and ephemeral qualities with the intention of linking guests and visitors across the globe by “physical experiences that amplify the senses and foster collective participation.”
As Peter Borer, CEO of The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Limited, which owns and operates The Peninsula Hotels quite eloquently explains, “As a global luxury hotel brand with a 90-year legacy, we understand the important place that art holds for humanity. It’s an inclusive, universal language that crosses borders and builds connections.”
And to back up this new, creative direction of travel, the hotels will also be hosting a number of interactive events such as artistic talks, studio visits and panel discussions to take the artistic concepts out of a mere gallery environment and help people understand the role that artists have in the world today. “We not only want to provide artists with a platform to exhibit, but we want to commission original pieces to support working artists and ensure the health of the cultural ecosystem within each of the hotel’s local communities,” Borer said.
As new and evolving concepts such as Airbnb gain popularity, it makes good business sense for hotels to create ways to engage with and enhance the community that they are part of, to be more than just a base of operations for travelers or a plush room for the night after the days sight-seeing is done. And The Peninsula are doing exactly that. Not only does such a connection between art and travel, creativity and accommodation make the perfect bed…and indeed breakfast. But also, showcasing artists who create amazing and unique spaces within their walls, naturally inspires selfies and instagram posts, which is great, not to mention free, marketing for artist and hotel alike. 
You can now experience forward-thinking and thought-provoking creative works right there in an informal setting. It is indeed the perfect synergy between art and business…and the perfect step into a bright new future for all to enjoy.

Do You Recognize When Compassion Is Needed in A Relationship?

Even the happiest couples argue and disagree from time to time. It’s not possible to interact with someone so regularly and not have blow-ups or disagreements from time to time. In truth, if arguments don’t crop up sometimes, then someone isn’t being real or honest in the relationship…one of you is being a phony “yes man” or “yes woman.”
But what’s the difference between couples who let some of these arguments destroy or end their relationships and those couples who bounce back from some of the worst moments?
The difference is that those couples who stick together often have a great deal of compassion for each other – whether they know it or not. 
When their partner explodes on them (seemingly out of nowhere), they often realize it’s because their partner is overwhelmed, or maybe they’re just tired or having a tough day…it happens to all of us. They don’t like it, but they get it.
Often, these explosions are not even related to or reflect your partner’s personality…they are just natural reactions for anyone in that particular “space” at that time (whether they’re tired, stressed, or overwhelmed). Rather than concluding that this person is “bad” or “stupid” we all need to reach within and realize that under similar circumstances (including similar biochemistry in that moment) we might behave exactly the same way.
Of course, understanding doesn’t mean that we don’t lovingly inform our partner that there is potentially another way to see this moment…another way to exist. 
A way that is far more empowering and positive than the lens they are looking through right now. As half of a couple (we are each half in our couples) it’s our right and our duty to pick up the other person…to help elevate him or her in every way we can so they can evolve and be an even better lover, partner, and friend to us. A better person next time similar moments come to pass.
Within a couple we are synergistic…strength on one end helps the other so we must constantly lift each other up so the couple itself (both within and outside the couple) can be strong, radiant, and truly happy.
But so often we ourselves are somewhat tired or overwhelmed with our own issues and instead view our partner’s similar behavioral manifestations as “wrong” and as deficits in character (rather than extending to them the same compassion we have for ourselves). 
So next time the person you love snaps at you out of nowhere, ask what’s wrong…what’s stressing them out and take a few minutes to strengthen them in that situation so they can move forward with hope, strength, and grace rather than in a space that leads them to snap at people (meaning they are not happy it that moment, as they should be in order to win over on the issue they might be facing). 
Next time you’re ready to snap at the usually loving partner who just snapped at you, remember in those key moments to have compassion for your partner…and together you shall both rise higher each day because of it.

Feel Good All Over at This Luxurious Spa…

It is as beautiful and trendy as any five-star resort on the Mediterranean, its white cabanas and classy lounge chairs circling the shimmering swimming pool. In the evening, the purple lights of the courtyard sparkle and add color to the sea and the red roofs of Alicante, Spain. This isn’t any exclusive luxury resort. This Spain’s most incredible spa, SHA Wellness Clinic, that takes care of your health, as it caters to every beautiful cell in your body. 
Established in 2008, SHA wellness Clinic has been helping top sportsmen and the highest-ranking elite achieve their health goals. Located in the sun-kissed region of Costa Blanca, in Alicante, the 11 luxurious apartments of the clinic are constructed to the highest standards possible, truly breathtaking. The residences are shaped like something from the future. Think about the brow of a spaceship and you’d have an idea of what the designer Le Corbusier had in mind. The white and gray decoration is extremely calming and goes a step further than being beautiful.
Think of any spa amenity you’d like, and you will find them all at the SHA Wellness Clinic. The ultramodern facility is equipped with hydro-massage tubs, aromatherapeutic steam showers, world-class kitchens manned by Michelin-star private chefs, a massive penthouse with a rooftop massage room and amazing sauna. All the yoga activities take place in an open-air terrace equipped with an outdoor shower. The SHA Wellness Clinic is renowned for its macrobiotic diet which has shown remarkable results in re-energizing visitors. This diet is a comprehensive mix of healthy grains, vegetables, low-carb, some fish, and wine. There’s no room for coffee and just a little wine.
The spa staff is made up of some of the world’s best medical doctors, nutritionists, massage therapists and healers. Guests to the SHA Wellness Clinic come for comprehensive programs that can be enjoyed for weeks to get help with health issues like weight loss, smoking, alcoholism, and sleep issues. Even the short-term guests that take part of the “SHA Discover” 4-day program have plenty to look forward with consultations with exclusive professionals aimed at helping them be the healthiest, most thriving versions of themselves.
What sets SHA apart from other luxury wellness spas like the Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland is its fusion of both Eastern and Western medical practices. It makes use of cutting-edge genetic testing and ancient Traditional Chinese therapies with the help of the foremost professionals in the world. 
Away from the medical amenities, SHA is also packed with luxury services such as beauty treatments for the nails and face, a salon, fitness center, amazing infinity pools and a breathtaking view in the evening for stargazing.
SHA is truly a paradise made for health and wellness, catering to all aspects of life and to the unique health of each individual. There are few facilities in the world with such attention to detail, catering to the most exclusive of clientele in a facility designed to inspire and renew.

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SEI Club, relish the view from the top.

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